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Care Ministry Team

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Care Ministry Team

    St. John’s is a really big place. In order to care well for each other, we strive to be a place where God’s people care for God’s people.

    St. John’s is a really big place. In order to care well for each other, we strive to be a place where  God’s people care for God’s people.

    Carefully selected and trained lay volunteers work alongside staff in a variety of roles.
    If you are interested in joining us, please explore the options below.
    The first step in joining many of these teams is to attend our Care Ministry Training, offered four times a year. This group is also perfect for those not sure yet about how they would like to serve.

    Meal Ministry

    This ministry helps provide meals after surgery or a death, during illness, or during other life transitions such as a new baby.  LEARN MORE

    Funeral Reception Hosting

    Help ease the burden of a grieving family by taking care of such details as setting up food, preparing drinks, and cleaning up following a reception.

    Visitation Team

    The 'Called to Care' Visitation Team helps those who have difficulty getting to worship services continue to Connect to God, Grow in His word, and share as they are able.

    Marriage Ministry

    Walk alongside other couples to help strengthen, build up, and even rebuild marriages. Encourage and engage couples under the leadership of a professional marriage and family therapist, who will lead groups through an evidence based curriculum.


    Life Care Group Leaders*/Volunteers

    • DivorceCare
    • GriefShare
    • Financial Peace
    • Cancer Companions 

    Come alongside other caring ministries and reach out into our community.

    Prayer and Care Office Administrative Volunteers

    Volunteer help with data entry, phone calls, and hospitality assistance helps us provide better care, make sure no one slips through the cracks, and even to reach out to others before they ask for help.

    Jenny McClelland  
    Director of Care Ministry


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