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Funeral Planning Support

St. John's Prayer & Care Ministry


The death of a loved one can be difficult as well as painful. There are many questions as well as many details to try and arrange. At St. John’s there are two things we believe that are important during times of grief. First, it is community which provides support, love, and encouragement to each other and especially to the immediate family of the one who has died. Secondly, God’s Word which offers peace to those who are grieving and assurance in the free gift of eternal life promised to all those who believe in Jesus.

The first step in receiving this care and some direction is to make a phone call to
Jennifer McClelland at 714-288-4432.

If you need to contact someone after normal business hours you can call

May the Peace of God which transcends all understanding be with you and your family during this difficult time.


St. John's Cemetery


Funeral / Memorial Service FAQ

Will any of the family or friends be permitted to speak at the funeral service?
Public speaking is a challenging task even in normal situations. Public speaking at a funeral is even more challenging. The emotions of the day will feel even more powerful than they do now. For this reason, we discourage Eulogies during the Funeral Service. Instead, we suggest that these Eulogies be shared at the reception, as it is a more appropriate time and setting for the free sharing of memories.
As an option, reading scripture during the service is a meaningful way for family or friends to participate in the service.
Can we include our loved one’s favorite songs?

In keeping with the list above, (especially numbers 4 and 5), the function of the songs selected is to remind us of biblical truths. Those songs that do not meet this standard, and yet are important to the family for sentimental reasons, are encouraged to be used at the reception, or during a memorial video that may be played during the reception.

If there are hymns or praise songs that were particularly meaningful to your loved one, or those which are meaningful to your family, can be shared during your Pastoral Appointment. The Pastor can help to guide you with the selection, use, and placement of these songs.

What is the difference between a funeral service and a memorial service?
A funeral service always includes the presence of the deceased’s body. A graveside typically follows for the burial. A memorial service remembers a life while not having the body of the deceased present. Memorial services typically follow a graveside or private family burial.
Can we place a picture of our loved one up front and/or near the entrance during the Funeral/Memorial?

Yes. St. John’s will provide an easel(s) when you indicate that you will be using a picture(s) in the service. In selecting your picture, please remember the points listed above.

Can we show a memorial video in the Funeral/Memorial Service?
Memorial videos can be very special to the family. Many memorial videos do not meet the standards deemed appropriate in a public worship setting. Memorial Videos are encouraged at the reception. Special permission from the pastor must be granted for any memorial video to be shown in the public Funeral/Memorial service.

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