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Strong Families for Children

Missions & Outreach, Vulnerable Children

What if there was a way to keep children from ever entering the foster care system?

What if local churches empowered parents to get help and support before a crisis escalated to abuse or neglect? Learn how, and what role you might be able to play as part of our Strong Families Team!

Strong Families is a crucial safety net for children whose families are in crisis. By hosting children for a short period of time, local churches keep vulnerable children safe while their families become stable again. This act of biblical hospitality often changes the trajectory of these kids' futures.

When crisis hits, many people do not have a support system in place to care for their children let alone themselves as a parent.  As a result, those children have to enter into CPS, or the foster care system, or worse.  Strong Families ministry at St John’s, in partnership with Olive Crest, creates an extended family for those in desperate need. 

Strong Families Ministry is actively reducing the number of children entering the foster care system in our county.

You can make a difference in the lives of children in crisis by taking the step to become a Host Family


For more info, contact Jessica or Barbara Adair at Olive Crest
Email  |  714-288-4458


Additional Info from Olive Crest 


Please Contact:

Jessica Holt


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Ministry to Vulnerable Children

Through our partnership with Olive Crest and Orange County Social Services, St. John's has been making a positive impact on the lives Kinship and Foster Families in the Orange County Area. Click on the video to find out about the Caregiver's Day Off ministry!

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