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Delivering the restorative hope of Jesus to a world in need.

Serving others with our lives,
in the end,
is a matter of the heart.

St John’s is a community built on the foundation of Jesus Christ and his love.  He has called us his beloved children.  Because we are the children of God, we are called to a life of being loved and loving others.

Please use the Categories menu below to find the ministry area you're interested in. Or just take a look around, you never know where God might be calling you to serve and lean into St. John's mission of delivering the restorative hope of Jesus to a world in need.

Making An Impact!

Ministry to Vulnerable Children

Through our partnership with Olive Crest and Orange County Social Services, St. John's has been making a positive impact on the lives Kinship and Foster Families in the Orange County Area. Click on the video to find out about the Caregiver's Day Off ministry!

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Visitation Team

Team members serve the homebound, isolated, ill, and hospitalized through phone calls, cards, and in-person visits.

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Not Sure Where to Serve?

We can help. Fill out our contact form and we can help you find the best fit.

Help Me!

Blood Drive

American Red Cross Blood Drive at St.John's Orange. One donation can save 3 lives. Please make an appointment ONLINE prior to...

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Praise Band

Your musical talent, joined with the other talents of the Worship Team, will help lead God's people in worship.

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Sunday Team

JOIN THE TEAM ... Help to create Sundays that honor the Greatness of Our God.. Everyone can find a spot on the team!

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Jubilate Choir

Sanctuary Worship. Adults and youth, men and women who are at least of high school age may participate in this choir.

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