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    • 9:00am - Outdoor Worship
    • 8:30 &10:30am -Sanctuary
    • 10:30am - Walker Hall
    • 8:30 &10:30am - CHURCH ONLINE

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  • Sanctuary Address
    185 S. Center St.
    Orange Ca  92866
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    184 S. Shaffer St.
    Orange Ca 92866
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    154 S.  Shaffer St.
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Meet the Team


Megan Gjersvold

Director of Youth Ministries/Wedding Coordinator
Coffee Enthusiast, Bargain Finder, Indoor Plant Connoisseur

-Preferred Dipping Sauce: The middle salsa at South of Nick's is a game changer.

-Album I Can't Stop Listening to: Katie Herzig' s Live at the Filmore in San Francisco. Be sure to check out "Hey Na Na" & "How the West Was Won".

-Most Recent Amazon Purchase: Mullet sweatband... don't ask :)

-Life Verse: From the moment I read it, 2 Corinthians 12:15 "/ will most gladly spend and be spent for your souls." has been my anthem.


Emma Gjersvold

Youth Associate
Beach Bum, Foodie, Aspiring Clay Master

-Favorite Book of the Bible: Hosea - because of the way God uses Hosea and his wife Gomer to show Israel His never-ending love and grace. It's an incredible and powerful story for your soul.

-Podcast Recommendation: The Bible Project because Tim Mackie and Jon Collins are two brilliant God-fearing men who explore what it means to be a Christian.

-Most Memorable Vacation Moment: Spending every day of my vacation in Hanalei Bay paddle boarding across the bay and up the river to meet the rest of my family for a fresh smoothie!

-First Ride You Go to at Disneyland: Indiana Jones because it never disappoints, and you never feel cooler than when you get to drive!