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Meal Ministry

St. John's Meal Ministry

Providing meal support after surgeries, illnesses, childbirth, or family loss, and dinners for ministries.

It's amazing the role that food plays in the faith stories of the bible!
From the manna God provided to the Hebrew people, to the miracle of  the 5 loaves and 2 fish, God graciously provides for the physical needs of his people.

Meals are a huge part of many of our care and outreach ministries. Your team can provide dinner for a night to help our work with foster/adoptive parents, teens in foster care, and other vulnerable children and families. You can even choose to order from a restaurant or combine homemade and purchased food--Our team is happy to help coach you through preparing or purchasing a meal! Meals are various days of the week through summer and range from 10-30 people. 

You can also help families in our own church who need care and support during crisis, hospitalization, or after a new baby is born! Join the team and be alerted whenever a new request is made. Then you can sign up online for a specific night.

Jenny  714-288-4454

If you are ill, recovering from surgery, in the hospital, have lost a loved one, or have welcomed a new baby into your family, our meal ministry team can support you with meals. You will also be provided a personal website where you can provide updates to family and friends, and reach out to them for additional help such as rides, childcare, and errands---some even use their site to schedule visitors so they are not overwhelmed all at once!

meals request form

Meal Ministry Request

Basic Information

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Meals Needed For*

Delivery Instructions

Address for Delivery


Gate code, watch out for dog, etc.

Everyone has a different comfort level with visitors during these times. If you have a new baby--even knocking on the door might not be good. Just let us know so we can best serve you!

If requesting for new baby, select date near due date--if meals are not needed you can always cancel the first few days.

Meal Preferences

Include anyone extra who will be staying with you. (Parents, siblings, etc.) If you have hungry teenagers, please count them as adults. :)

Include all children who will be eating the food prepared for you.

Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten-Free, etc. (If you have SEVERE allergies or celiac disease, please know we will do our best, but can't promise safety of foods.)