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Celebrate Recovery



Currently NOT MEETING for Large Group



After much prayer, conversation, and consideration we have made the decision to take a Summer Break from providing the CR Meeting through St. John's Orange. It is with heavy hearts that we bring you this news but we are certain that this is what God is calling us to.

St. John's Large Group is not currently meeting.

There is a long list of reasons why we came to this decision. The simple answer is this: many things have changed since our Celebrate Recovery began almost 10 years ago and we feel that God is calling us to take a break from leading CR in this current season.
St. John's CR will take a brake through this summer, 2021. We plan meet with St. John's Church Leadership in the fall to formulate a plan to reform and relaunch. Please join is in prayer -- asking for God's direction for the future. Please reach out to us if you'd be willing to be a part of our Re-Launch Team.

With thanks and praise to King Jesus,
Chris and Susan Higgins
and the
St. John's CR Leadership Team




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Break free from the hurts, habits, and hang-ups that block you from experiencing the true joy of life.

The Celebrate Recovery ministry was created to help people overcome life’s hurts, habits and hang-ups through a balanced and engaging program based on Jesus’ own teachings. For years the program has helped people deal with issues of abuse, addiction, anger, dependencies, depression, and more with eight principles from the Beatitudes of the New Testament and 12 Biblically-based steps to recovery.

The program is distinctly Christian, founded in scripture and proven to work within the church. It helps bring people to discover a new level of growth, acceptance, and grace through the tools it offers.

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contacts us:

Chris Higgins
(714) 288-4422 



Celebrate Recovery
Step Studies

A Step Study is a group who are committed and willing to meet once a week 7-9pm for about a year to work through the 12 Steps and 8 Principles from the Beatitudes in the Bible. Together, as we start with Principle One; we will experience major, miraculous progress and growth occurring in our lives, by stepping out of denial into God’s grace and taking an honest spiritual inventory. We work on getting right with God, ourselves and others. As we grow in our relationship with Christ, we will discover a new way to live life and we will begin to find the serenity we’ve always sought.

Current Step Studies: