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Life Group Sign Up

Life Group Sign Up



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If applicable, will you and your spouse attend the group together?*

Please select best days of the week to meet (all that apply):*

We will do our best to accommodate your meeting day needs request, depending on group availability.

Please select best time of day (all that apply):*

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Wednesday Nights - 7pm on campus group includes a Large Group time for the video portion and then we break out into smaller groups. Also includes a children's program and nursery care! 

Please use this area to describe any special circumstances, group preferences, group types, etc.



Why Life Groups?

Life Groups are the next step after CONNECT in our discipleship process. Spiritual growth is stunted when Christians think that the Christian life only consists of one hour of Worship on Sunday morning.  Spiritual growth happens in the context of community. Life Groups are focused on developing a strong network of friends that help and challenge us to become more like Jesus Christ. Life groups offer a balance of fellowship, Bible study, prayer, encouragement and mission in an informal environment.

What is a Life Group?

Life Groups offer a place to form strong friendships, grow in God’s Word and positively impact the world.

Who: Couples, men’s, women’s, singles, life stage and blended groups.  When: Groups meet on different nights and days of the week.   Where: Usually in homes but also restaurants, coffee shops, church, etc….    Duration:  6 weeks to start.  Many groups keep meeting and stay together for years.  Size:  Usually a Life Group has anywhere from 4-12 people.

Why We Have Life Groups

Our discipleship process at St. John’s is:
CONNECT   To God and His People In Worship
GROW  Together in God’s Word Through Life Groups
SHARE  Christ With Our Words, Service and Resources

What Makes a Healthy Life Group?

The Essentials of Life Groups:

We GROW in Life Groups.  Four key ingredients should be a part of every Life Group:

  1. The Word of God: Whether we study straight from the Bible or study the Bible through devotional books/guides, we are committed to growing from the Word of God in Christ.
  2. Growth: We are here because we want to grow and see our lives transformed to be more like Christ. As part of this growth we commit to pray for each other. We seek to encourage each other and hold each other accountable in the steps of our discipleship process: CONNECT-GROW-SHARE.
  3. Acceptance: As members of this Life Group we seek to accept each other unconditionally as Christ does each of us, seeking to build strong friendships rooted in Christ.
  4. Confidentiality: Everything shared in this group stays with this group.  Gossip and slander are unacceptable. Like Christ we seek the best for each other.




Life Group Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be child care in our group? Yes, but only if you join a group that can offer it. These groups will generally have H.O.S.T.’s that have young children themselves. It will most likely be an older sibling or neighbor who watches the younger kids. Or if you are in LifeLight or Care and Share Wed. nights on campus, we have kid's programs kindergarten through 7th grade.

Will it cost me anything? 
In most cases no. If the group decides to do a curriculum that needs purchasing, some groups may ask for a few dollars to cover the cost of your curriculum book.

What time and day/night of the week will we meet? 
All groups are different. You will be placed in a group that best suits your needs. Some groups meet every week, some groups meet 2X per month. 

Can I join a group on my own, or will you place me in a group? 
Both. If you know of someone who is HOSTing a group, please talk with them about being in their group. If you don’t, we will place you based on your needs.

How long are the meetings? 
1 ½- 2 hours, but depending on group decisions could be longer or shorter. 

What is the duration of the study? 
Some groups will meet for a limited time, others go on for years.


Life Groups