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Sunday School - Preschool

Sunday School - Preschool

Every Sunday, 10:30 AM

Location: St. John's Preschool , view Google map

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Sunday School for Preschool age Children

Available every week during the 10:30 am worship services.

LOCATION: The Cornerstone - Middle room
(Enter on Almond)


St. John's Sunday School curriculum works alongside our discipleship pathway to Connect to God, Grow Together, and Share Christ, as we deliver the Restorative Hope of Jesus in a way that is made relevant to each child's age and stage of life. It’s our priority that your child learns they are loved by God and that He knows them!


Questions? Contact:
Irma Bates



Preschoolers are learning a lot of important things. How to put away their toys. What is wrong. What is right. When to say please, thank you, and I’m sorry. But learning important things doesn’t stop after preschool. It never stops! That’s why we want to make sure preschoolers know that they have the BEST Teacher teaching them important things—the MOST important things— for the rest of their lives. And He wants to be their friend forever! Yes, it’s Jesus!

Week 1 Jesus Teaches a Crowd //Mark 6:30-34// People came to hear Jesus because He teaches important things.

Week 2 Birds and Flowers// Matthew 6:25-34// Jesus teaches that God cares for us.

Week 3 Bigger Barns// Acts 2:45; Luke 12:16-23// Jesus teaches us we can share.

Week 4 Prodigal Son// Luke 15:11-24// Jesus teaches us that God loves us no matter what.

Sing, Dance and Worship!

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If you haven't already filled out a Participation Form for your child please do so.  Great news! You only have to fill out the form once per year and it is good for most Kids' Activities such as Sunday School, Fellowship Events, and Bible Study.