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Fall Church-Wide Study 2023

Fall Church-Wide Study 2023

Every Sunday from 09/10/2023 to 11/05/2023

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Fall Church-Wide Study & Message Series

SEPT. 10 through NOV. 5, 2023



God’s Word is our light in the darkness for such a time as this.

More than ever, we are yearning to find truth in our world and meaning in our lives. While most of us believe that Jesus is the answer, we often forget or neglect to seek our comfort and direction from him. Let’s be reminded that God has provided for us his written word, the Holy Bible, where we will find the answers, direction, hope, and peace which can ultimately grow into our joy of life. Our fall study, The Word of the Lord Grows, will focus us on the letters of the apostles found in the New Testament and how they speak truth to us today as the living voice of God. These words of truth, life, and the way of Jesus not only show us what to do, they also reveal the promise of who we are because of Christ Jesus and our relationship with him.

LIFE IS BETTER TOGETHER!  Grab a couple of friends and start a group. 

The Study Guide booklet that accompanies our fall study will have all the necessary information that you will need in order to run your group.  We encourage you to take the leap of faith -- trusting that God will lead your group, using you as his helper!

Participate as a Group, Family, or Individual

Build a habit of connecting with the Word of God daily. 
Transform Your Life!


Message Series  |  Study Guide  |  Audio Bible  |  Teaching Church

Contact:  Adult Ministries  714-288-4469 

*Inspired by the book “The Word of the Lord Grows” by Martin H. Franzman
(CPH - currently out of print)




PDF Study Guide
Mobile App
Teaching Church
Audio Bible Podcast





How To Participate

Sermon Series: Join us for worship! The Sunday messages will coordinate with our fall study beginning Sunday, September 10 for nine consecutive Sundays in ALL worship services.

Study Guide: Be sure to get your FREE study guide booklet which includes the weekly lessons that you can do with your small group, with your family, or individually. Take some time each week to read through the lesson, the week's book of the Bible, and answer the discussion questions. The booklets are available in The Courtyard on Sundays, in the church office. If you prefer to to things electronically, the study content will also be available in the St. John's Mobile App.

Audio Bible/Podcast - new this year!  Listen to the weekly Bible readings on your smartphone or on the St. John's website! We've recorded a variety of voices from our St. John's family reading each book of the Bible that accompanies the nine lessons of our series. You can simply subscribe to the St. John's Orange Podcast using the podcast app on your phone or tablet. We've also added soothing visuals to same audio Bible readings that will be posted weekly to St. John's YouTube channel. This video version will be a great resource for those who are meeting as a small group.

Teaching Church, our Sunday morning Adult Bible Study will also be following the fall church-wide study! Everyone is invited to join us between services for Teaching Church; where our Pastors and teachers will be digging a bit deeper into our “The Word of the Lord Grows" study on Sundays from September 10th through November 5th. It's 40 minutes in The Word -- 9:45am to 10:25am in Walker Hall Dining Room.  TEACHING CHURCH






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