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Celebrate Recovery Anniversary Celebration

Celebrate Recovery Anniversary Celebration

Saturday, February 01, 2020, 6:00 PM

Location: Walker Hall Dining Room, view Google map

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Celebrate Recovery
Anniversary Celebration


Everyone is Invited

A special Anniversary Celebration. There will be a bunch of inspiring personal testimonies, worship music, food and friendship. Come see what Celebrate Recovery is all about with no pressure to participate - this Saturday is all testimonies - no open share groups on FEB. 1st.

Dinner Starts at 6pm ($5 suggested donation)
Program Starts at 7pm
--worship, prayer, personal testimonies, information about the ministry
--a great night to visit CR - there are no open share groups at this special meeting



It's a common misconception that Recovery Meetings are only for drug addicts and alcoholics.

This is simply Not True. God's Word teaches that all have fallen short, all have sinned. We have all hurt ourselves and we have all hurt others.  We all need to recover a right relationship with Jesus. The purpose of Celebrate Recovery is not simply to recover from past sins and hurts. The goal is to become Christ-like in our character. The Good News is regardless of whether your problem is emotional, financial, relational, mental or spiritual, God wants to help you.
In Isaiah 57:18-19 God says to His people that He has seen how the acted but He will heal them. He knows where we have been and what we have done. He knows where we stand today in all aspects of our lives and character. And, He knows where we are going to be in the future. And He says;

  • If you have been hurt, “I want to heal you.”
  • If you are confused, “I want to lead you.”
  • If you have ever felt you were helpless to change anything “I want to help you.”
  • If you have ever felt misunderstood “I want to comfort you,”
  • If you feel worried of afraid “I want to offer peace to you.”

The reality is many of us have tried and failed at getting well on our own. We all need help. We all need community. We all need each other. Trying to fix our problems on our own only makes them worse. God is ready and waiting to help you, if you will let Him.  Celebrate Recovery is a life changing journey in which people experience freedom from sinful hurts, hang-ups and habits -- they give up control and allow Jesus Christ to be the Lord of every area of their lives. 

Every Saturday night St.John's offers Celebrate Recovery

a bible based 12 step program that meets in THE GARARE. There's a dinner from 6pm to 7pm. Large Group from 7 to 8pm (worship, prayer, chips and a personal testimony or a 12 step lesson) Open share groups for men and women from 8 to 9pm, coffee & fellowship from 9 to 945pm.

This program works.


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