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Interested in Lutheran beliefs or church membership?
To become a member at St. John’s or just to learn more about what we believe, we invite you to attend two classes introducing you to the teachings of the Christian faith and of Lutheran theology. These classes address the Bible, the Triune God and the “what and why” of Christianity and being Lutheran. 

We believe this is the best way to get to know our church and its ministries, and to help newcomers feel a part of our church family. We want you to be happy at St. John’s by preparing you to be an active member—serving God and others out of faith and love. You will be asked to sign up for a New Member Conversation with one of our Church leaders prior to being received into membership at St. John's.  You can choose at the end of the classes whether or not you would like to become a member.

What does it mean to be a member at St. John's?                                                                 Sometimes when we hear the word “member” we think of a country club or joining Costco.  At St. John’s becoming a member is more like joining a family.  Being part of a family involves many blessings but also responsibilities.  By committing to be part of St. John’s you are saying that you want to grow as a disciple of Jesus Christ and that you commit to the discipleship process we have adopted as a family of believers.  At St. John’s we are fully committed to: 

CONNECT       To God and His People In Worship

GROW              Together in God’s Word Through Life Groups

SHARE             Christ With Our Words, Service and Resources 

Already a Confirmed Lutheran transferring from another Lutheran church?
If you are transferring from another Lutheran Church we ask that you attend at the first and the last two classes. This class will help you discover your gifts and help you learn more about the ministries and opportunities to serve here at St. John’s. While not required, we strongly encourage you to come to all classes so that you can better connect with others. We also encourage you to have a New Member Conversation with our Church Leaders.


  UPCOMING CLASS DATES:                 

All classes are held in the dining room of St. John's Walker Hall. All 7 classes are required to become a member of St. John's. 

Fall 2014

9/14 - Class #1 Meet St. John's:11am-12pm

9/21 - Class #2 Discover God and His Word: 9:30-10:45am

9/28 - Class #3 Discover Grace9:30-10:45am

10/5 - Class #4 Discover Baptism9:30-10:45am 

10/12 - Class #5 Discover the Lord's Supper9:30-10:45am

10/19 - Class #6 Discover Connect and Grow9:30-10:45am

10/26 - Class #7 Discover Share and Shape9:30-10:45am

New Member Service and Reception, December 7th at the 9:30am services



Spring 2015

2/1 - Class #1 Meet St. John's:11am-12pm

2/8 - Class #2 Discover God and His Word: 9:30-10:45am

2/22 - Class #3 Discover Grace9:30-10:45am

3/1 - Class #4 Discover Baptism9:30-10:45am 

3/8 - Class #5 Discover the Lord's Supper9:30-10:45am

3/15 - Class #6 Discover Connect and Grow9:30-10:45am

3/22 - Class #7 Discover Share and Shape9:30-10:45am

New Member Service and Reception, April 26th at the 9:30am services




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Children MUST be Registered - Save Time on Sunday >>   PRINT THE FORM NOW


Email Andii if you have questions CONTACT Christina Meadows if you have any questions  -  714-288-4425



Registration for Classes and Events at St.John's is done through our my st.johns web portal.

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If you want to register another member of you family you will be able to do that after you've completed the first registration.

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AOL users Please Note:
There is a known issue affecting most AOL email address where people are unable to register because AOL is not receiving the confirmation email correctly.  We recommend that, if at all possible, you do not use an AOL email address when you are registering for my st.johns.



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