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Staff Directory
C Higgins
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Pastor Tim Klinkenberg Senior Pastor
Pastor Michael Hayes Minister to Adults
Dr. William Heide Minister of Worship & Music
Patrick Brennan Director of Support Services
Randy Einem Director of Ministry / School Principal
Pastor Bob Rossow Minister of Prayer & Congregational Care
Pastor Nathan Hausch Minister of Evagelism, Missions & Outreach
Vicar Trevor VanBlarcom Director of Youth Ministry
Danny Clinton Director of Lamb's Lot Preschool
Chris Higgins Digital Media  |  Visual Communications
Kyle Cahill Director of Contemporary Worship & Music
John Ledbetter Director of Technology
Ken Pummill Director of Facilities
Lara Kaufman Director of Children's Ministry
Sarah Bourne Director of Early Childhood Ministy
Mollie Schneider Prayer and Congregational Care Coordinator
David Kruse Director of Technical Arts
Joan Willett, Executive Assistant - Senior Pastor: (714) 288-4454
Shannon BesharaAdmin. Assistant to Congregational Care and Outreach & Missions  (714) 288-4477
Jennifer Stoehr, Admin. Asst. -  Families with Children: (714) 288-4419
Christina Meadows, Admin. Asst. - Adult Ministries: (714) 288-4425

Caroline Hall, Bookkeeper: (714) 288-4437

Kathy Hayes, Admin. Assistant - Worship and Music / Music Conservatory Director  (714) 288-4433
Sue Vogt, Purchasing Coordinator: (714) 288-4420
Jodi Holte, School Admissions Coordinator: (714) 288-4400
Shannon Arnold, School Bookkeeper: (714) 288-4406
Debi Cottrell, DataBase Coordinator: (714) 288-4400
Brent vonBehren, Assistant to Worship & Music: (714) 288-4431
Sallie Keller, School Office Assistant: (714) 288-4406

WEBSITE  questions, requests, comments   email the webmaster 
ACCESS Newletter    communications@stjohnsorange.org
WEDDINGS  Joan Willett  (714) 288-4454
FUNERALS   Mollie Schneider  (714) 288-4432
BAPTISM   Christina Meadows (714) 288-4425
RECORDS / ADDRESS CHANGE  Debi Cottrell, DataBase Coordinator (714) 288-4400


Last Published: September 10, 2014 4:21 PM
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